European Artist Vincent Van Gogh And His Impressionist Art

Born in 1853 in a small town in the Netherlands, Vincent van Gogh would become one of the world’s most celebrated artists.

Described as a thoughtful, introspective and serious child, young van Gogh enrolled in the village school at age seven but only stayed for one year. His sister Anna then took over his education, teaching him at home until 1864, when van Gogh left for boarding school. In 1866, he received his first formal lessons in drawing.

As a young adult, van Gogh worked for many art dealers before becoming a missionary in Belgium in 1879. For one Read more…

The Surrealist Movement And Salvador Dali

The Surrealist movement was originally a literary one that focused on imagination and vivid imagery. It began in the early 1920′s and was partially inspired by the anti-traditionalist expression of the Dadaism that overtook the art world immediately before. Although Surrealist writers felt that the freedom and emotion of their work could not be applied to visual art, artists such as Salvador Dali proved them wrong.

Dali began his work in Surrealist painting in the late twenties. By 1930, his work was winning praise from fellow artists. Dali’s paintings became well-known for dreamlike and even Read more…

An Introduction to Claude Monet

There are a few steps that any serious art collector needs to take. First, you need to make sure you’re protecting your collection. You can do this through security and by making sure you have a top-notch insurance policy that will cover your pieces if they are ruined or stolen. After you’ve compared
Try Here and purchased an insurance policy, you can turn yourself into a true collector. In addition to owning art, a good collector also knows a lot about art. If you’re interested in European art, then you should familiarize yourself with Claude Monet.

Monet is considered one of the founders of French impressionism. This style of art incorporates small thin brushstrokes and an enthusiastic exploration of color. Like pointillism, impressionism uses tiny brush movements to create large composites of color. Shapes and shadows are composed of several dashes of different shades. Unlike pointillism, however, impressionism is much more painterly. Emotion is conveyed in visible brushstrokes instead of tiny dots. Monet is best known for his scenic landscape paintings and amazing use of light. His depictions of haystacks and water lilies grace the halls of some of the most famous art museums in the world.

The Artist, Eleonore Austerer, and Her European Artwork

She was an amazing woman. Eleonore Austerer was born in a tiny village outside of Vienna, Austria where her father had taken his family for refuge during World War II. After her father died, Eleonore attended ballet school for many years and danced professionally. Her roving spirit took her to Geneva where she worked for the United Nations. She spoke four languages fluently.

Never one to sit still, she decided to get involved in the arts and promoting artists and, as a result, met her husband, Mark Williams, who lived in Read more…

The Troublesome Life And Fantastic Art Of Picasso

Pablo Picasso was a phenomenal Spanish artist who lived from 1881-1973. Although he worked with a variety of art forms including ceramic art and sculptures, his love was for creating spectacular paintings. He is one of the most notable artists of the twentieth century, and his work inspires people from all walks of life worldwide.

Picasso had a life full of tragedies and relationship problems. He liked younger women, and had many extravagant affairs throughout his lifetime. Some of his partners claimed that he was abusive, dominant and hard to live with. He also struggled with depression, Read more…

Who Inspired The Many Art Works Of Eleonore Austerer?

Who Inspired The Many Art Works Of Eleonore Austerer?

Great artists come from a background made of experiences and history. It is from the deep resources of the soul that each person is able to perfect the gift that is in them. The location of the artist plays a big part in bringing that gift to life. The thousands of sculptures and paintings of Eleonore Austerer are in homes and collections around the world.

She was born in a tiny Read more…

Eleonore Austerer: Accomplished Artist In Many Ways

Eleonore Austerer is remembered for her love of art and mostly, for her fine art gallery in Palm Springs, California. She sold countless sculptures and paintings to others. Eleonore Austerer had a profound love for art and artists since a young age and expressed that love by supporting other artists in their work. Her first gallery in San Francisco was the beginning of a career that made her well known across the world.

Writing was another form of artistic expression for Eleonore. She wrote for many years and expressed her Read more…

Little Known Facts About Eleonore Austerer And Her Art

Eleonore Austerer Williams was a gifted artist whose works include depictions of beautiful and thought desert subjects. Besides being a talented artist herself, Eleonore Austere Williams was a successful art gallery owner. Her galleries in Palm Springs, California, and Palm Desert, California, and in San Francisco are popular venues for several artists, including Cheryl Barnett whose paintings as well as sculptures have garnered wide-spread acclaim.

Eleonore Austerer was also well-known for her natural talent as an art historian. Her ability to recognize and showcase other artists’ works made her art galleries Read more…